For Suppliers

Portalogue® is a unique middleware conduit that increases sales and marketing exposure and reduces costs.

Portalogue® links small and mid-tier retailers to the EDI VAN by converting manually dependant ‘paper’ orders, including faxes, emails or excel order forms, into electronic orders that can be processed automatically from end-to-end.

¹Independent research shows “the cost not to automate is $78 per order on average” and “when companies can achieve hands-free orders, order-to-shipment cycles decrease by 50%, there is a greater accuracy in fulfillment, and business relationships improve”

¹ Reference: Lora Cecere, CEO, Supply Chain Insights LLC – EDI: Workhorse of the Value Chain Nov 2013
“an Independent and objective report on the B2B Solutions Survey completed by Supply Chain Insights”

“Integrating Portalogue with our SAP ERP platform was easy and it enabled us to extend our existing EDI software and hardware to our independent retailers who would otherwise send us orders by fax and email”

Grant Bayley (CIO) Skins International Trading AG (Switzerland)

For Retailers

Portalogue® is helping small and mid-tier retailers compete with Big-Box corporations and to succeed online by making it quicker and easier to synchronise rich product and pricing data from suppliers with POS databases and e-commerce stores.

Portalogue® enhances retailer-supplier relationships and enables ‘Paper’ orders from the POS to be sent electronically from end-to-end, reducing order-to-shipment cycles by up to 50% and improving accuracy in fulfilment. Get started now with a free trial.

“Portalogue’s WEB-LINK has enabled more than 400 brands and over 70,000 products to be automatically uploaded to our website, saving us an enormous amount of time, effort and associated expense”

Craig Dahlenberg – Central Queensland Filter & Industrial Supplies 


For Buying Groups

Portalogue® is a holistic solution for Buying Groups and Franchises, particularly those made up of independently owned and operated businesses with disparate database systems. Portalogue®‘s unique middleware conduit streamlines communication and data sharing between all stakeholders with unique modules that manage national and individual online stores, communication and information distribution, group buying activities and printed marketing campaigns from end-to-end.

“Australian Industrial Supplies (AIS) is a national co-operative buying group made up of many different independently owned and operated stores, over 130 contracted suppliers and a head office which coordinates group administration, buying and marketing activities. Portalogue has given our group a dynamic online presence and transformed the way we manage group buying, communication and bi-monthly print catalogue events. It has dramatically reduced our dependence on fax and email and uninspiring spreadsheets. Portalogue is the digital conduit between our national support office, our media company, our contracted suppliers, our members and, most importantly, our customers”

Dean Candy (Chairman) – AIS National Buying Group